Helping professionals gain an edge with Mandarin Chinese

Feedback from our students:

"As reluctant as I was to engage in formal Chinese classes due to my busy agenda, when I met Wang Li, her school and her innovative concept of teaching, I immediately started to see the results. Her school offered me additional tools to my private classes to learn Chinese fast. The group activities, the public speeches, are only examples that speak volumes about the comprehensive approach she has to teach Chinese. MandarinPro is the best option in Beijing to really learn fast, and I do believe that what her school offers is not possible to find in other schools in Beijing."

Min. Enrique Escorza

Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Mexico

"I am one of MandarinPro's students since November 2015. The school has a clear vision about how to teach Chinese, with focus in particular on B2B (Business-to-Business) relationships. Evidence of this is the organization of public speaking and training events, or partnerships with internationally well-known companies including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Merck and Embassies. MandarinPro also has a clear view on which staff is required to comply with the demands of a B2B language school."

Peter A. Bootsma, M.D.

Counselor, Netherlands Embassy

"The school is great for both students and working professionals. The teachers are high caliber and very capable of discussing - instructing on - niche topics as well as broad language use. I have learned technical language I need for work and had interesting discussions at the same time. Using a range of written and digital materials, lessons have upped my game at work where I often conduct interviews or listen to presentations in Mandarin."


Financial Times, Britain